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TrainCraft Server Rules:
#1: Do not harass other players

#2: Do not greif

#3: Dont push infront of other people if there is a queue to enter a train

#4: You have to have a license for running stations, using trains and owning a train company, Not having a license will result in a warn

#5: Any exploiting will result in a permanent ban

#6: No refunds will be given if you are banned from the server

#7: By joining the server you allow us to use your IP for anti-fraud and anti-ban evasion, Your IP will be encrypted and never shared

#8: Staff can add rules or make decisions at the moment of time

#9: Dont attempt to lag the server, This will result in a temporary ban and a strike on your account

Punishment: On your 5th strike, You will be permanently banned from the server